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About us

Vinci AI

Innovation for the future 

We are on a mission to create software products utilising Artificial intelligence, specifically made for the Insurance and Banking industry's.

With a culmination of industry experience and artificial intelligence professionals, we pride ourselves on identifying issues within a sector and resolving them with a software solution.

We are based in both London and New York our team is built of AI & ML programmers as well as leading industry professionals across Insurance and Banking. 

AI has become more attainable and has unlimited applications ,we look to identify processes which can be improved by utilising AI and do so with industry leading products.


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Vinci AI was created with a mission of facilitating positive innovation utilising technology within business 

The ideas for our software products have derived from pain points our team have identified when working within organisation's, alongside conversations with businesses regarding iterative products  


How do we utilise AI and our in software. 

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We have been able to produce our products with a combination of Artificial intelligence tools, Including Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Native Language Processing. Which all culminate to create operational software, with uses for all businesses.


We especially tailor all products to the Insurance and finance sector by selecting the most valid AI types to the sector to create our products. 

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