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Errors occurring every second in a business

Updated: Apr 8, 2021


Above is a high-level overview of errors which can occur within an organisation and often go undetected.

At Vinci AI the creation of Peer Review AI had a goal of spotting these errors before they turned into an issue and enabling the user to review the work, establish any mistakes, rectify them and ensure that the data entered is correct and clean.

We have utilised Machine Learning mainly AI to create software which seamlessly works in the click of a button to enable.

Peer Review AI has specifically been developed for the insurance industry to tackle issues which are seen on a daily bases.

The primarily objectives of Peer Review AI are to;

- Ensure data quality on a daily bases

- Reduce errors in an insurance company

- Establish a culture of data accuracy business wide

- To certify high-level results and figures of the organisation

The ability to spot errors in a business as they occur as well as retroactively facilities a safety net to catch mis-entered or misinterpreted data.

Errors can happen for a multitude for reasons one of those being training discrepancies or even misunderstandings within the business.

We are working to corroborate the data we see on a daily bases through Peer Review AI to depict a representation of why errors have occurred, to empower the our customer to reduce errors not only by capturing them but also at the source reiterating processes.

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