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How to reduce errors in utilising AI & ML.

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

The amount of data entry that occurs on a daily baes within the average financial services company is staggering when you spend a moment to think about this.

We have worked on this issue of 'Errors Occurring' inside of the Insurance industry by combining the commonly known industry standard of a peer review, which is essentially a double vision of data entry. We have combined with technology which has enabled us to radically reduce errors, in seconds.

“Finding errors is x1000 times harder than committing an error.”

We learn from errors be made can also be extremely valuable data, the reason for a mistake occurring can vary from a lack of training to friction in the process of data input. We are working on capturing this data to enable businesses to process admin systems as well as pin point training.

A key element of reducing mistakes and errors within a organisation is to ensure a non-blame culture. This is relatively self explanatory but can be tricky to implement ,doing so can enable employees to own up to any errors that they either encounter or perform.

A 'non-blame' culture needs to start with management, it is not to say that committing an error is accepted but everyone commits errors and accepting that fact whilst ensuring a early detection of the mistake, allows all to feel confident in processes as well as data.

Vinci AI have made products to enhance data and work quality, whilst empowering your team. Our two flag ship products are Peer Review AI which is tailor-made for error reduction in the Insurance industry and Clear Sight which is created for the banking industry to serve the same purpose.

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